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EU-Bildungsprogramm Erasmus+

ERASMUS support for traineeships abroad

Support for traineeships within the EU

The hdpk participates in the ERASMUS programme supporting student Mobility with regard to traineeships abroad. This programme allows hdpk students to obtain practical work experience in a foreign country within Europe during their work-placement seminar. Placements within European institutions/organisations, national diplomatic representations, or organisations that administer EU programmes are not eligible for support.

The programme allows students to obtain experience of working in an international environment, become familiar with the demands of an EU-wide employment market, and supplement their academic qualification with communication and collaboration skills, broadened horizons and knowledge of other cultures and markets.

Support is available at the hdpk for a period of three to six months (maximum). The programme covers the following:

  • support during preparation for the period abroad; if required, participation in a preparatory ERASMUS intensive language course for less-common languages
  • an EU traineeship contract between the university, companies and students
  • support during the traineeship from nominated individuals at both the home university and the company where the traineeship is arranged
  • formal recognition of achievements made during the time spent abroad

There are currently 33 countries within the ERASMUS programme: all of the EU’s member-states, Turkey, and the EEA/EFTA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Traineeships in countries other than these can be supported by PROMOS.

You can find country information, participants’ stories and lots of useful tips in eu-community including for example an account of traineeships in a Netherlands design studio or a Turkish advertising- and film-agency.

Limitation of liability

This project is financed with support from the European Commission. Responsibility for this text lies solely with its author; the Commission accepts no responsibility for any further use of the information it contains.

  • Pre-requisites for applications
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Application documentation
  • Support
  • Paperwork to be submitted upon return
  • Insurance
  • Assistance for disabled people within the Mobility programme
  • Websites listing traineeships and accommodation

Prerequisites for applications

  • matriculation at the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk)
  • full-time, self-organised traineeship (traineeships that are solely study- or research-based are not eligible)
  • minimum traineeship duration: three calendar months
  • maximum traineeship duration: generally six calendar months (can be extended to twelve months in special cases)
  • if you are at all unsure, before submitting your application please confirm with the Career Service department that the traineeship will be eligible for support!
  • regarding students who are citizens of other European countries, traineeships in the student’s home country are only eligible for limited support
  • ERASMUS traineeship support cannot be awarded to anyone who has already received support through LEONARDO, ERASMUS traineeship or ERASMUS Mundus programmes. However, previous support through the ERASMUS study programme can be combined with ERASMUS traineeship support.

Eligibility criteria

  • submission of application paperwork within the relevant deadline
  • completeness of application paperwork
  • relevance of the traineeship, both in terms of subject-field and professional usefulness, to the student’s course of study (to be demonstrated via a detailed training agreement and applicant’s covering letter)
  • good knowledge of both the workplace language and the language of the host country (self-assessment in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CV, covering letter)

Application period

For the 2016/17 winter semester, applications for foreign study and traineeship support can be submitted until 31.08.2016.

Application documentation

  • Training Agreement (for traineeships) with confirmation from the employer and academic course director. Please include the original document.
  • Learning Agreement (for study periods abroad). 
  • Insurancedeclaration: please ensure that you have adequate insurance before the start of the traineeship. This must be demonstrated when the application for ERASMUS support is made. (See also the section covering insurance below.)
  • Proof of matriculation (If matriculation documentation that covers the traineeship period is not available when the application is made, it can be provided later.)
  • Covering letter: please describe your reasons for choosing the traineeship, in the context of the subjects you have studied and your desired career. Explain why you have opted for a traineeship abroad, and at this particular company/organisation. How do your studies, the traineeship and your career goals interconnect? Please give a description of how the traineeship will run. Which department(s) will you be working in? What will you be learning? What expectations do you have of the traineeship and your duties within the business?
  • Signed Europass-Curriculum Vitae (in German and in the language that will be used while working in the country where the traineeship will take place)
  • Evidence of the marks attained during all your course at the hdpk to date (an academic transcript can be obtained via the hdpk Lounge)
  • Europass-Language Passport as evidence of your language skills. This gives you the opportunity to gauge your linguistic abilities and document them in an accessible way.


The support is tailored to suit the nature of the study/traineeship period and the context of the host country; it serves to cover the additional expenses of being located abroad. The grant is paid in two instalments. The first, 70% of the total award, is generally paid before the beginning of the period abroad. The second is paid once it has been successfully completed. If you decide to end the traineeship/study period early, overpaid funds must be repaid. To qualify for the second instalment, you must submit the following documentation within 30 days of the end of the traineeship/study period:

  • Letter of Confirmation from the traineeship provider, specifying the exact dates of the traineeship with reference to the original Placement Agreement, or the Learning Agreement confirmed by the host institution.
  • A copy of the traineeship certificate, if applicable
  • Participation in the mandatory Final Report upon completion, via the ERASMUS Mobility Tool
  • Evidence of your travel expenses (copies are acceptable)

Assistance for disabled people within the Mobility programme

Disabled people can apply for an extra payment to cover additional costs during their ERASMUS period abroad, applicable to all the ERASMUS Mobility programmes. Please contact us in good time because alongside the standard process, a special application needs to be made to the DAAD at least two months before the start of the traineeship.


Neither the hdpk nor the organisations participating in the programme bear any liability for injury, damage or loss incurred during your traineeship abroad. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully examine what cover your existing insurance policy/policies will provide during your period abroad, and if necessary obtain extra cover. Mishaps in the workplace (for example involving technical equipment, IT, or important documents) can suddenly lead to substantial costs that without insurance you will have to bear. The reason we inquire about your insurance is that we want to be sure that you have or will be obtaining sufficient cover.

Websites listing traineeships and accommodation

Traineeship places across Europe can be found at (German language only) and elsewhere.

Here are some country-specific sites:

Great Britain:




Questions? Please get in touch.